Q: Is Haunted House of Horror scary?
A: Of course, Haunted House of Horror is extremely scary. However, we are committed to providing quality safe scares to our patrons. We have adhered to all safety regulations and standards during construction and operation.
Q: Is there a long wait?
A: Yes especially on the weekends so come early. However, we have a waiting area with a 470 person capacity that provides entertainment and opportunity for concessions, photo opportunities and haunt purchases.
Q: Can I buy tickets on-line?

A: Yes. Avoid long ticket lines by purchasing your ticket on our website through HauntPay in advance.

Q: Will food/concessions be available?
A: Yes, concessions are available before and after your tour of the Haunted House of Horror.
Q: Is security provided?
A: Yes! We have security that monitors the attraction, waiting area and parking area.
Q: Can I bring my children?
A: Haunted House of Horror recommends parental discretion for children under the age of thirteen. Although we will not refuse the entry of children, we ask each parent to make the judgment call, as you know your child best.
Q: Is there a discount for children?
A: No the general admission price is $20 for the haunted attraction.
Q: Will Haunted House of Horror remain open if it rains?
A: Haunted House of Horror is located indoors, so inclement weather (rain, snow, sleet) will never be a hassle for our patrons. We are always open as scheduled. In addition, our waiting area is also located indoors!
Q: Will I have to pay for parking?
A: No, parking is FREE!!!
Q: Are there things that I am not allowed to bring or wear into Haunted House of Horror?
A: For the safety of all patrons, Haunted House of Horror does not allow pets, alcoholic beverages, flashlights/flash photography or weapons of any kind into the haunted attraction. Keep in mind; safety is a top priority for our team.
Q: Are alcoholic beverages served at Haunted House of Horror?
A: No, Haunted House of Horror does not serve any alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property.
Q: Will the monsters/actors touch me?
A: No. We, at Haunted House of Horror, would like your experience to be pleasurable and safe. At times, the actors may get close and due to the nature of certain attractions may brush up against you but they will never intentionally touch or grab you. Please reciprocate this same courtesy and refrain from touching, grabbing, or hitting any of our actors. Haunted House of Horror strictly enforces a Zero Tolerance policy for violence against our employees.
Q: Are group discounts available?

A: Yes, Haunted House of Horror does offer group discounts, with a minimum purchase of 15 tickets or more and must be paid as one transaction.

Q: Is photography/video recording allowed?
A: Sorry, Haunted House of Horror prohibits all photography and video recording on the attraction grounds. Flash photography may disturb or harm the actors or other guests and we must ensure a safe environment for all employees and patrons. Video recording is also prohibited without prior written consent from Haunted House of Horror.
Q: Do you have an ATM located on site?
A: Yes, Haunted House of Horror has an ATM located next to the Box Office.
Q: How do I ask a question?
A: If your question was not answered here, please feel free to contact us for more information at info@hauntedhouseofhorror.net.

Employment Opportunities

Employment at Haunted House of Horror can be both fun and rewarding. The power you have over people looking to be frightened can be extremely exhilarating. We are filling positions for actors and experienced make-up artists and are an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you meet the following requirements, we’re interested in having you join our team.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have the right fear factor.
  • You must be enthusiastic and love Halloween.
  • You must be hard working.

Previous acting experience is not necessary. However, we do look for actors that will show up on time, work weekends, have reliable transportation to and from work, and most importantly, love Halloween. If you are interested and meet these qualifications, please fill out the following application.

Application for Employment


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